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Giving Q & A

How much should I give?

The size of your gift is entirely up to you and all donations are greatly appreciated. There are many ways to give that may work better for you such as pledges over time, recurring gifts, deferred gifts, gifts of securities or property, and more. Many companies match charitable gifts, which can increase the impact of your donation (check here to see if your company matches gifts). Gifts of any amount help tremendously.

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How will my gift be used?

You have control of how your gift will be used. You can choose to dedicate your gift to a specific scholarship, program, or department. Nearly every department and program has funds that benefit it directly. You can select the area you want to support when you give online, on the phone or on a pledge form that you may receive in the mail. You choose to give to whatever is most important to you at UNC.

If you would like to give to donate to student scholarships in general, there is a fund for that—University of Northern Colorado Scholarship fund. This fund draws the most donations and gives the Financial Aid office ultimate flexibility to recruit and retain students.

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What is the UNC Foundation and why does it handle my donation?

The University of Northern Colorado Foundation receives all gifts and works with donors and the university to ensure your gift is allocated according to your wishes. The UNC Foundation is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to stewarding donors, data, and dollars in support of the University of Northern Colorado. The independent, nonprofit UNC foundation offers efficiencies and benefits to the University by properly stewarding private gifts, providing flexibility and responsiveness, managing assets strategically, engaging volunteers as informed advocates, and ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of donor records.   Read more about the UNC Foundation.

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How should I make out my check?

Checks should be written to the UNC Foundation and mailed to: 
UNC Foundation
Judy Farr Alumni Center
Campus Box 20
Greeley, CO  80639

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Can I use a credit card?

Yes, follow the prompts on the online donation form.

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Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes, the UNC Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Consult with your tax attorney or financial advisor concerning the deductibility of your gift.

The UNC Foundation mails receipts for each gift received and a gift summary of all cash donations you’ve made in the previous year each January.

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Can I establish a scholarship?

Yes. Gifts that fund scholarships make it possible for UNC to attract and retain the best undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of their financial circumstances. You can make a difference by establishing a new scholarship to benefit students enrolled in the college/school of your choice.

Please contact us at 800-332-1862 or 970-351-2551 if you would like to speak with someone about establishing a scholarship.

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What are endowments?

Endowed gifts support scholarships or programs in perpetuity. The UNC Foundation invests the principal for long-term growth, while annual earnings from the endowed fund are distributed per your specifications. Endowments provide a permanent stream of income upon which the scholarship or program you support can rely for future needs. 

You can donate to existing endowed funds or explore creating your own—there are many ways to structure this generous gift.

Please contact us at 800-332-1862 or 970-351-2551 if you would like to speak with someone about endowments.

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What are deferred gifts?

Deferred gifts can be made now and received by the UNC Foundation later. Bequests come from estate distributions made through a will or trust. In addition to estate distributions, you can structure deferred gifts in many ways such as charitable gift annuities, deferred gift annuities, charitable remainder annuity trusts or charitable remainder unitrusts. A financial advisor can provide personal guidance for planned giving. Read more about planned gifts.

Please contact us at 800-332-1862 or 970-351-2551 if you would like to speak with someone about deferred gifts.

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Can my business give?

Yes, corporations and foundations are important partners to UNC. We can present businesses and foundation grant-makers with opportunities to achieve your philanthropic goals by supporting relevant UNC projects and programs. Read more about UNC’s corporate and foundation partnerships

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Can my gift be anonymous?

Yes, please let us know your wishes. If they do not ask to remain anonymous, donors are recognized by name only on our annual Honor Roll of Donors. Only donors and alumni are invited to view the Honor Roll.

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